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Politeknik STIA LAN Bandung

Dinamika Sosial Governance dan Administrasi Kontemporer

Penulis : Abdul Rahman, Dindin Hadi saputra, Teddy Hikmat Fauzy, Suhartono Winoto, Dio Hermansyah Putra, Sait Abdullah , Septiana Dwiputrianti, Muhamad Nur Afandi, Fandi Ahmad, Novy Setua Yunusa, Yana Mulyana, Yayan Andri, Teni Listiani, Deni Fauzi

Tahun Terbit : 2024

Penerbit : Penerbit Politeknik STIA LAN Bandung

Bahasa : Indonesia

Harga : Rp 70.000,-

Sinopsis :

This anthology book is a collection of written works arranged scientifically based on studies or research in a particular field. This book was written by lecturers and researchers with the theme “Social Dynamics, Governance and Contemporary Administration”. The titles of several articles are: First, Abdul Rahman wrote an article entitled The Impact of Tax Amnesty on Tax Compliance and Revenue: Evidence from Indonesia. Second, Dindin Hadi Saputra and Teddy Hikmat Fauzy wrote an article on Business Governance: A Holistic Approach to Sustainability and Performance. Third, Suhartono Winoto and Dio Hermansyah Putra wrote an article entitled Performance Management Model in Public Sector Organizations and Private Sector Organizations. Fourth, Sait Abdullah wrote an article entitled Feminist Political Economy: A Conceptual Overview. Fifth, Septiana Dwiputrianti wrote an article entitled Concepts and Applications of Talent Policy and Management in the Public and Private Sectors. Sixth, Abdul Rahman wrote an article entitled Green Tax: Challenges and Opportunities. Seventh, Muhamad Nur Afandi wrote an article entitled Village Development Innovation in a Development Perspective. Eighth, Fandi Ahmad wrote an article entitled Effective Communication as an Effort to Resolve Conflict in the Batu Templek Tourism Area. Ninth, Novy Setua Yunusa wrote an article entitled The Future of Using Artificial Intelligence in Public Policy in Indonesia. Tenth, Yana Mulyana and Yayan Andri wrote an article entitled Analysis of Artificial Intelligence (AL) in Public Sector Administration Digital Services. Eleventh, Teni Listiani wrote an article entitled Strengthening Human Capital through Employee Competency Development Based on Non-Classical Training. Twelfth, Deni Fauzi Ramdani with the title Girls’ Diction and Bureaucratic Neutrality in the 2024 Election